How To Find IT Talent

Mana Denet

Apr 01, 2018


The traditional way

Just a single ‘job site’ is not enough for hiring the best talent.  Here are the best websites to choose from if you're looking to find talent or get your next gig in the IT field.


Word of mouth works

Being transparent about exactly what type of position you're looking for fill goes a long way. By providing as much detail as possible as to what skills you're looking for we can aim to promote your listing in the most creative way possible to drive maximum results. The YouTube content creators we work with have the potential to spread your listing to potentially hundreds of thousands of candidates from around the world each month!

Why what we do is better

However, that is simply not enough to find the right talent. The following suggestion approaches finding new, quality talent in a much different way. If you choose to advertise your job listing with HipsterCode we work with some of the largest IT YouTubers in the world to spread the message about your listing. There simply isn't a more cost effective way to look for your IT talent.

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