Adobe finally killing Flash in 2020

Mark Allen

Jul 26, 2017


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Adobe's Flash emerged in the 1990s as "THE" video add-on for the web browsers and after more than twenty years will be no more. The Tuesday announcement was part of the company's plan to begin the migration of Flash developers to other formats including WebAssembly and HTML5. The announcement also noted that Adobe would be collaborating with Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla to provide support for updates until the end-of-life date.

Although popular with the general public, Flash has not always been popular with browser and application developers. Steve Jobs criticized the product in 2010 saying that Flash hurt the user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Google and Microsoft had recently started to block flash by default in their respective Chrome and Edge browsers. A number of other companies had in recent years claimed that Flash was unsecure and open to hacking.

In it's statement Abobe said that it will "remain at the forefront of leading the development of new web standards and actively participate in their advancement". They went on to say that they would continue to contribute to the HTML5 and WebAssembly communities while further developing their Animate CC and Premiere Pro CC tools and products. The three year heads up by the company should give developers plenty of time to upgrade their Flash functionality.